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Unmarked brass salute cannon.
Field style carriage.
Bore approx .36 cal., 7 1/2" deep. Not for projectile use.
9 3/4" barrel w/ flared muzzle, trunnion reinforce & somewhat large cascabel at breech ring.
Single trail trace approx 12 1/2" long overall length.
Muzzle face to trace ring 16 1/2"
Nice patina.
Great look.

Inventory # 15331014w
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Scale model 1883 Colt Gatling gun,
Detailed cast zinc model on iron carriage.
Molded plastic wheels.
Moveable rear sight, cranking handle which turns & rotates barrel mechanisim, detacthable Accles feed drum.
Full traverse of elevation & depression.

Inventory # 15331009w
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Replica unmarked die cast metal model of Browning .50 cal.,
M2 machine gun on tripod,
14" long, adjustable tripod & some moving parts.
"Ma Deuce" replica.
Great office or military display item.

Inventory # 15331002w
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Cane with carved monkey
Overall 34"
Carving 3 1/2"+

Inventory # Z02w
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Brass salute cannon, percussion, 8 1/2" barrel, .65 cal., mustard patina,
Red painted iron wheels, 5 1/2" diam., Newer screw extension to barrel.
Rear of barrel has knurled cascable w/ pivot for "5" shaped hammer.
Old. 16" overall, Excellent Condition.

Inventory # 10040804w
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Small brass field cannon, rough cut. 7" barrel, 11" overall, .44 cal barrel, vent hole.
Mounted on solid brass carriage and 5" wheels. Unpolished mustard patina.

Inventory # 10040801w
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Small scale model of 12 pounder Civil War cannon. All brass,
Replica of gun mounted on the Wakefield Mass. Common.
6 3/4" barrel, 12 " overall, 6 3/4" tall, brass carriage,
4 1/2" diam. wheels, elevator & ramrod.
Great detail. Nice mustard patina.

Inventory # 10040408w
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